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8月9日上午,为进一步提高澳门新萄京客户端下载医务人员SCI论文撰写能力,特邀《MOLECULAR IMAGING AND BIOLOGY》杂志主编Dr. Gibson来院作题为“Writing and Submitting Articles to Scientific Journals”的学术讲座。来自临床医技科室的医务人员100余人聆听了讲座。澳门新萄京客户端下载执行院长张国君教授主持讲座。

Dr. Gibson结合自己多年编审的工作经验讲解了SCI论文的多个组成部分包括题目、摘要、引言、材料与方法、结果、讨论、结论、参考文献、致谢等写作要点和技巧,以及在论文投稿、同行评审、退修和接收等环节中需要注意的事项,从而提高SCI期刊投稿的命中率。Dr. Gibson与参会人员进行了深入的互动,并详细解答了参会人员的问题。大家表示受益匪浅,有助于提高论文的质量。



Dr. Gibson is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Molecular Imaging and Biology and CSO of Gibson Imaging Apps, LLC.Trained as a medicinal chemist in University of California, Santa Barbara, Dr. Gibson moved into studies on receptor biology as a post-doctoral fellow at Cornell. He next moved to the George Washington University Medical Center where he used this background in medicinal chemistry and receptor studies to work with Dr. William Eckelman in developing receptor based SPECT imaging agents. During this time, these collaborators developed many of the concepts that are used today in the development of in vivo site-specific imaging agents.

Dr. Gibson initiated studies on the muscarinic receptor developing 4-[123I]Iodo-QNB which was used in clinical studies on muscarinic receptor in patients with dementias in collaboration with investigators at the NIMH.Dr. Gibson became a member of the imaging department at Merck Research Laboratory (1988–2008) during which time he participated in the development of PET radiotracers, as well as implementation of other imaging modalities, to help in drug development. In 1991, with a number of colleagues, he founded the Society for Non-Invasive Imaging in Drug Development (SNIDD).Although this society became a part of the Academy of Molecular Imaging in 2002, it was dissolved as part of the reorganization that led to the World Molecular Imaging Society.

Dr. Gibson is currently a member of the WMIS.He continues to advise colleagues on the design of site-specific radiotracer for in vivo imaging and study design as related to uses of imaging in drug discovery and development.

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